The stunning opulence of meticulously hand crafted interior window shutters completes OUR portfolio.

This capsule collection offers both a wide range of styles and stunning finishes and a delectable colour palette.  Santa Fe Shutters present the Claremont and Dakota collections of handcrafted hardwood shutters and two ranges of PVC shutters, Nevada and Hampton.

Unique Urban Blade - The contemporary urban blade offers enhanced light control, superior closure and privacy to your interior.

Meticulously Crafted - Each Santa Fe Shutter is carefully crafted by hand to your specific window measurements and window style. Shaped window shutters can perfectly cover many window configurations and sizes enabling your beautiful windows to have an extra inspiring feature.

Light Control - Santa Fe Shutters offer optimum light control, allowing you to control the amount of light into your room; block light out completely by closing all the blades or enable light to flow freely through the open blades.

Energy Efficient - Santa Fe is committed to offer the finest products that offer lower energy usage by effectively capitalising and filtering the intensity of the sun. Shutters are very effective at blocking and absorbing solar heat, resulting in lower home heating bills.

Privacy - Your choice of shutter style allows you to enhance your privacy without sacrificing natural light flow by operating the blades for the top and bottom panels independently.

Available in 9 colours -  5 painted colours and 4 stunning textured wood grain finishes. 

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