How to Decorate Your Bay Window

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A bay window offers a wonderful opportunity to dress it up. So are you team blinds, shutters or curtains? If you’re searching for inspiration, why not take some tips from these beautiful bays, which have been dressed by Houzzers nationwide.

Follow the leader
To create a stylish sense of continuity, these Houzzers carried the same design of blinds from the standard windows into the bay. If you have several windows in one room, try fitting them with matching designs, or pick different patterns with a unifying colour or vice versa.

Let the interior take centre stage with a neutral blind
A contemporary room can be full of drama, with grey walls and sumptuous chairs. In such a bold space, consider keeping the bay window dressing minimal so the scheme is balanced. The cream blinds here serve a practical purpose without fighting with the rest of the room.

Block the light with solid shutters
Full-length shutters are great for bedrooms because in the daytime they open right back, then when needed they shut uptight, blocking out the light more effectively than slats and making for a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with shutters and curtains
Why have shutters or curtains when you can have both? The shutters allow for privacy when it’s needed, and the curtains add warmth and a frame for the window. This dressing is great for those with ground-floor rooms with the pavement outside, as it provides privacy without compromising on style.

Frame a beautiful view with gathered curtains
If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a view like this, it pays to celebrate it. The homeowners here have cleverly framed the view out of their bay window with gathered curtains. If your view is less lovely, try gathering a series of wider curtains in thicker, more decorative fabric, so the window shape is still highlighted but the view isn’t the star of the show.

Embrace drama with full-length curtains
Try using full-length curtains and a pelmet in a dark shade to create a strong frame for an attractive bay window. These Houzzers are blessed with an enviably large bedroom and high ceilings, but this trick would also work on a smaller scale.

Be bold with patterned curtains
When it comes to curtains, the only restriction is your imagination. So if you want gold patterned curtains, go for it. In this room, the gold and white design offsets the heavy black and lightens the whole scheme. Or why not choose a dramatic pattern for a pale, neutral room and make the curtains the centre of attention?

Double up for darkness
This child’s bedroom is so lovely. The combination of blinds and curtains looks sweet, but it can actually be really practical, too. Not only are you helping with the insulation of the room, but you are also minimising the light bleed – important for if you have children who sleep best in total darkness. If you want to make the top of the windows even neater, consider adding an upholstered pelmet, too, to bring this look together.

Let the light in with voile
Whatever the weather, these voile curtains will diffuse the light beautifully. The soft glow they cast onto the dining table will make mealtimes a pleasure. And voile is a cost-effective window dressing, so it’s perfect for large expanses.

Vote for the minimal look
For those who want to keep their bay windows super minimal, allowing their rooms to shine, why not take a tip from these Houzzers? Skip any sort of dressing and leave the bay window empty. Do bear in mind that come nighttime, when the lights go on, the room will glow and anyone outside will be able to see in. For this reason, it’s perhaps more suited to first-floor rooms, or rooms that back onto a private garden.

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