10 Creative Ways to Start Building A Relaxing Bedroom

10 Creative Ways to Start Building A Relaxing Bedroom

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Full article with thanks to: decoholic.org/10-ways-to-create-a-cozy-bedroom

The bedroom is not just a place to sleep but an environment where you can relax and regenerate. When you get home, tired from work, you cannot afford not to have a suitable bedroom that transmits warmth and relaxation. Below are ten cosy bedroom ideas.

1. Enhance the room with solutions for walls behind the bed

If you want to characterise the room, you can paint the wall behind the bed a different colour or create particular geometries that affect the environment.

Another innovative solution that helps to give character to our environment is wallpaper. Choosing a soothing pattern can be enough to provide the bedroom with a whole new cosy look. Wallpapers can evoke suggestions and arouse emotions, even helping us to dream and sleep better.

2. Choose the style or colour according to the feelings

The first thing is to decide what emotions and sensations we want the bedroom to arouse. Many bedrooms do not follow a specific style but turn out to be a mix of various styles that often do not dialogue with each other.

A helpful tip is to start by choosing a colour palette to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Then the textures, fabrics, and decorations are combined with the desired tones for cosy bedroom decor.

3. Useful measures of furniture and passages

Usually, the minimum surfaces for the bedrooms are:

• 9 square meters for a single bedroom;

• 14 m2 for a double bedroom.

Based on the size of the room, it is essential to proportion the furnishings such as bed, wardrobes, and bedside tables, carefully considering the measures to have easy passages. Usually, a minimum passage of 70 cm must be considered. Do not also forget to consider opening doors and drawers in the vicinity of wardrobes and drawer units. This will enhance the cosiness of a bedroom.

4. A touch of class

If you want to give a touch of class to your room, you can use the wooden boiserie. Wood is both a thermal and acoustic insulating material. It is an excellent solution on an aesthetic level because it manages to restore a warm and welcoming environment that is perfect for a cosy bedroom.

5. Headboards of the bed

A new headboard can give a personal touch not only to the bed but to the entire room. There is a great variety of models, which vary in style, colour, and material.

You can choose a smart solution, that is, the headboard of the bed equipped with shelves or integrated bedside tables. This furniture optimises space when it is small and enhances it when it is large.

6. Wardrobes and storage solutions

The space to cram our objects is never enough. In addition to exploiting the compartment under the bed, it is possible to install bridge structures on one or more walls to enhance cosiness.

7. Lighting

When furnishing a room, lighting is not taken seriously, but it is a crucial aspect. Making our interiors bright is essential for our psychophysical well-being.

A tip for the colour of the LED lights in the bedroom is to use warm tones, perfect in this kind of environment, without forgetting the possibility of increasing and decreasing the intensity thanks to the dimmer.

With this little trick, we can choose a stronger light for activities that require more lighting or a more subdued effect for moments of relaxation.

8. Curtains and fabrics or BLINDS!

Curtains and fabrics combine to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, but they can also give personality and character to the space. The most common blinds are roller blinds, soft and curled, panelled, or Venetian blinds.

The choice of fabric is related to its function. If they have to be obscure, you can use more textures; velvet, very common in the classic style, also fits well in a modern contemporary environment.

A peculiar element that can make a more refined and refined environment is the use of drop curtains or sheets so that the fabric falls on the floor in a sinuous way. Even when the environment is angular, the soft curtains, which touch the floor, can give an elegant and welcoming effect.

9. Take care of the textiles of the bed covers and pillowcases

Choosing textiles and paying attention to fabrics and colours is another way to make your bedroom more welcoming. In hot weather, linen and cotton will be your allies, and during winter, do not miss out on wool! Do not forget to select a colour range that creates visual harmony.

10. Use the fibre baskets

The baskets fibres are small elements capable of raising the bedroom’s infinity and also serve to store cushions, blankets, and all kinds of accessories. If your room is spacious, you can afford to play with different basket shapes and sizes.


There are numerous aspects to consider when choosing the composition and furnishing of a bedroom. The tips above will help you have a cosier and more welcoming bedroom.

Full article with thanks to: decoholic.org/10-ways-to-create-a-cozy-bedroom

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