Expert Ways On How To Clean Window Blinds

Expert Ways On How To Clean Window Blinds

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Knowing how to clean blinds easily is essential know-how. It’s inevitable they’ll gather dust in the course of everyday life and an accumulation is neither good for the health of a home’s occupants nor the look of the room.

The best way to clean blinds will depend to some extent on their type but the basic technique is easy to master and you’ll just need a few supplies. 

Our cleaning tips will give you the lowdown, and we’ve asked the experts to share their methods, too.


‘Although many of us will remember to clean our windows regularly, cleaning the window coverings that protect our windows can often slip our minds,’ says Yvonne Keal. Discover how to clean blinds of every type.


Horizontal blinds should be fully lowered before you start and vertical blinds extended across the window. 

‘Begin by using a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust,’ advises Vera Peterson, president of Molly Maid, a Neighborly company. ‘Vacuums come with several attachments – there are even accessories specifically made for mini blinds. Use the upholstery tool to brush and vacuum the blinds. Move the brush parallel to the blinds, not against. If you’re cleaning vertical blinds, only wipe downwards.

‘Follow up with a damp microfiber rag to remove as much dust as possible. The blinds that are in the kitchen may be greasy. If this is the case, wipe the blinds down with soapy water.’

A microfiber towel grabs onto the dust, explains Catherine Cabano, founder of holistic health consultancy In On Around. ‘It’s important to avoid making the dust airborne, otherwise, you could breathe it in,’ she explains.


To clean wooden blinds, close the slats and wipe them with a microfiber cloth. ‘Make sure to wipe in a downwards motion so you don’t disturb the positioning of the slats,’ says Yvonne Keal. A specialist blind cleaning tool could be used, she suggests – HIWARE window blind cleaner.

Be aware that blinds made from wood shouldn’t be saturated with water. ‘If there is a lot of dust buildup, dip a clean rag into white vinegar and wipe the blinds,’ recommends Vera Peterson. ‘Once dry, use a spray-on furniture polish with lemon oil to restore the appearance of the blinds.’

Deep cleaning blinds made from wood that have a varnish or paint finish? ‘Rub lightly with a damp cloth until the stain disappears,’ says Yvonne Keal. ‘Try not to rub too hard as the varnish or paint on your wooden blind may be affected.’


To clean blinds made from metal and vinyl that are in need of a thorough job, it’s worth taking them down and using the bathtub. Do check the manufacturer’s guidance first, though.

‘To start with, put a towel or rubber mat into the tub, to prevent any scratching,’ says Yvonne Keal. ‘Fill the bath with enough lukewarm water to completely cover the blind, and then add a mild detergent. Using a non-abrasive sponge, gently clean each slat until the stains begin to loosen. Once every slat is clean, rinse the blind thoroughly with cold water and hang it over the shower rail to air dry.’


Roller shades can be very easy to clean. ‘All you need to do is roll your blind down fully and use your vacuum’s upholstery tool to gently remove any dust or dirt,’ says  Yvonne Keal. ‘If you want a deeper clean, wipe in a downward motion from top to bottom using a damp and clean cloth. Remember to let your blind dry out fully before putting them back up to prevent bad smells or mould from manifesting on your window covering.

‘Sometimes condensation on windows can mean mould starts to grow on blinds, as the nasty buildup thrives in warm and damp conditions,’ she continues. ‘Mold can be difficult to clean, however, it is possible to remove with the right technique. Pick up some fabric detergent formulated for killing spores and using a stiff brush, gently brush patches on the areas containing mould. Leaving your blind to air dry after cleaning can help prevent further outbreaks.’

If you aren’t able to clean fabric blinds yourself, taking them to a dry cleaner could be the answer.


Professionals recommend using a vacuum cleaner to clean blinds. ‘You could use an ultrasonic cleaner on your cellular blinds and sponge down your vinyl vertical blinds, or you could make your life easy and go with vacuuming – the one cleaning method that’s safe for virtually all treatments, from Roman, solar and pleated shades to blinds of any kind,’ says Julia Dorn, executive director new product development for Graber. ‘Just pop an upholstery or brush attachment onto your vacuum hose and go.’

Cleaning expert Tricia Holderman, owner, president and CEO of Elite Facility Systems and the author of Germinator: The Germ Girl’s Guide To Simple Solutions In A Germ-Filled World, agrees. ‘We are currently using small vacuums with a brush attachment to remove dust. Most of the time, that is all that is needed,’ she says.


Dryer sheets can be used to clean blinds. ‘Dryer sheets are a good alternative to using a microfiber cloth if you don’t have one readily available,’ say Derek Chiu and Leslie Tam, co-founders and directors of UrbanMop. ‘They are great at effectively getting dust off blinds and are a great substitute.’ 

Running a used dryer sheet over clean blind slats can also help keep them dust-free for longer, repelling a fresh covering, says Vera Peterson. Pay attention to your furnace, too. ‘Forced air from furnaces, air conditioning and open windows move dust, pet hair and more around homes with gusto,’ she explains. ‘Mark your calendar every three months to change your furnace filter, which will reduce the amount of airborne debris.’

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