How Can I Dress My Tall Windows

How Can I Dress My Tall Windows?

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Dressing windows is a difficult enough job as it is, but when you’re faced with huge panes of glass, the challenge becomes an even greater one. The temptation is to throw up a pair of cream curtains and be done with it, but that might not finish off your room to its best advantage. Think about big, beautiful wooden shutters or long lengths of antique lace. You can’t go wrong with fabric roller blinds in a smart stripe or how about the next generation of smart windows that turn opaque at the touch of a button? There’s always the option of going nude and hanging up absolutely nothing at all, but you do need to consider warmth and privacy factors. Whatever you go for, the key is to think big!

Dress it up
Full-length windows with glorious views out to the garden could easily be left bare and still remain beautiful. But these vintage linen curtains in the sweetest pink rose trail, sweeping right down to the floorboards, really add to the overall charm of the room. They tie in with the linen tablecloth and cushions and pretty up the rustic style furniture and cookware a treat.

Make your mark with monochrome
A classic black and white scheme for the bedroom is beyond stylish, but to stop it from looking too masculine or stark, dress long windows in delicate panels of flowing voile or lace. Remember, these flimsy fabrics won’t block out light or offer much in the way of privacy, so if you want either, you might need to try thicker curtains or a piece of simple lining fabric.

Maximise original features
This grand, Gothic window is stunning by anyone’s standards and it would be sacrilege to cover up this imposing and impressive original feature. The solution is simple: install a neutral Roman blind over the main part of the decorative arch and lower it as and when needed. The result is a neat and practical window dressing that blends in seamlessly with the room’s architecture.

Recreate the French chateau look
White wooden shutters are perhaps my favourite way of dressing tall windows. For some reason, these fuss-free, classic fixtures instantly instil an air of French chic into any style of interior – and what better way to greet each morning than by flinging back these beauties? Even better, the open section at the top ensures natural daylight floods in when the sun comes up.

Try out smart glass
In a cool and contemporary home like this one, where huge panes of glass are key to the architectural integrity of the property, it would be a serious design downfall to hang up fussy window dressing. Instead, opt for tinted glass that can slightly obscure the view into the interior, or try out ‘smart glass’, which can turn opaque at the touch of a button.

Highlight with stained glass
Intricate panels of colourful stained glass are a great option for tall windows, as they let light filter through while affording a degree of privacy at the same time. Of course, they are also a beautiful decorative feature that will uplift any room in the house. If you aren’t lucky enough to inherit such glorious panels of antique stained glass, think about commissioning an expert who will be able to create your very own design.

Tie in colour and print
This is a charming idea that blends old and new window treatments to brilliant effect in this sizeable bay. The heavy, voluminous, leaf-green curtains pack a punch thanks to the colour and print, while the original strips of stained glass on either side remind us of the property’s stunning architectural history.

Style with stripes
This sleek yet supremely comfortable kitchen doesn’t just look like somewhere to cook and clean up. The open-plan layout is key, certainly, but the rich timbers, plush, jewel-coloured fabrics and smart striped blinds that can be pulled right down over the long, lean windows also help to create a warm, intimate space.

Put up a simple blind
Don’t dismiss Venetian blinds as old-fashioned, because sometimes these crisp, no-nonsense fixtures do the trick. They work particularly well in this home office as they can be adjusted to finely control the light as necessary at different times of the day.

Be brave with pattern
The best solution for long windows isn’t always to hang up ‘invisible’ curtains or blinds that meld into the background. Instead, why not let your window treatment become the room’s star statement with a bold, patterned fabric. I love these gorgeous, full-length curtains, which are overflowing with character, colour and spirit. Just don’t go overboard with too many other prints and patterns in the rest of the room.

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