Benefits of Venetian Blinds in Your Home

Benefits of Venetian Blinds in Your Home

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Looking for made-to-measure Venetian blinds? We have a wide range of Venetian blinds to choose from. But, what are the benefits of these blinds?

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With their modern style and easy-to-adjust horizontal slats, Venetian blinds are super-versatile and look good just about anywhere. Here are nine great reasons to have them in your home.

They create a neat, graphic look

Venetian blinds add a modern, minimal feel to a room while still being practical. In this contemporary bathroom, the white slatted blinds seem to almost disappear, helping to lift the space rather than clutter it up like a fussy fabric style might. The clean, simple lines of the blinds mirror those of the basin and tiles.

When choosing a Venetian blind, consider what material would work best in your space – blinds usually come in a choice of wood, plastic and metal, usually aluminum. Wood is less suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, where moisture can warp the slats, and the cords can become mouldy (painted wood also flakes and chips over time). A large wooden blind can also be heavy, so it would need to be very securely installed. Look out for lighter but convincing, quality ‘wood-look’ PVC alternatives instead.

Venetian Blinds – You can have them made-to-measure

Venetian blinds can be made bespoke to fit almost any window (but don’t forget to consider which way your windows open and shut, to check if your blinds will get in the way). Here, Venetians have been fitted to slanting roof windows to provide privacy for the bath.

There are lots of good-value online companies that can provide made-to-measure blinds, but check out local makers, too, as they should be able to come and measure up for you. Careful measuring is paramount when it comes to ensuring your finished blinds fit properly.

Blinds maximise window space

Curtains can be tricky beasts in rooms where sofas or radiators sit against walls, as they can look untidy and overwhelm the space. A Venetian blind is a great alternative. It only takes up the dimensions of your window frame, so it’s a particularly good choice in smaller rooms.

Venetian Blinds – Screen off an area

Venetian blinds offer privacy while still allowing the light to flow in if you wish – simply adjust the direction of the slats.

For this reason, Venetians can provide a modern alternative to net curtains. Bear in mind, though, that even with the slats fully open, Venetians will still block some light. However, you can now buy ones with tiny perforations in the slats to let extra light filter through, allowing a good view outside without anyone seeing in. The result: light and privacy.

You can use them to mimic the look of pricey shutters

White shutters have become popular in recent years, but they can be expensive. A simple white wood Venetian blind can be a sneaky way to get a similar style for less. In this living room, the blinds look light, contemporary and simple, and don’t get in the way of the radiator.

Venetian Blinds – They let you control the light

Venetian blinds are great at letting you control the light flow – simply open up the slats for a burst of sunshine (typically using a tilt control wand), then when you want to block the light, just adjust the blinds again.

Venetians come in a choice of slat widths, usually from around 15mm to 50mm. Wider slats can seem more luxurious and expensive, while slimmer ones look more functional (and collect more dust), so think what will work best for you. Wider slats tend to be a good choice for larger windows, as they let in more light and offer a better view of the outside.

You also need to think about how your blind will attach to the window, and whether you need an inside or outside mount on the window frame recess. If you go for a DIY, off-the-peg blind, you may be able to adjust the width and length yourself – but go slow and take care not to trim too far, as there’s no going back once you’ve started cutting!

Venetians add contrast

Whereas roller blinds can sometimes look a little ‘blank’, a Venetian blind has its own graphic appeal. In this room, the grey blind complements the walls but contrasts with the white floor and sofa for a cool, modern look.

Think about whether you want your blinds to have cord or tape running vertically down the slats – tape can look more chic and expensive.

Venetian Blinds – They’re a neutral choice

If you want a window dressing that won’t clash with other design elements in a room, Venetian blinds can be just the ticket. They work brilliantly in this kid’s room, allowing a desk to be butted right up against the window (unlike curtains, which would get in the way), and their plain style doesn’t detract from the feature wall behind the bed.

Venetians are also fairly low-maintenance, simply requiring good dust now and again between the slats.

If you’re using blinds that have cords, chains or hanging loops in a child’s room, always make sure they’re fitted with the correct child-safe devices.

You can inject a burst of colour

Venetians come in a full spectrum of shades, so you don’t have to go for default white, metallic or cream. This lime-green design in a kitchen adds a jolt of sunny attitude that completely lifts the space.

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